Photoshop Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Effect is so much significance to the e-commerce, magazine business owners, and professional photographers. From our company, you can get the neck-joint effect for clothing.

Using mannequins for your product images is an efficient and cost-effective way to promote your products. Mannequins allow your products to hold their shape, which can make product images seem more professional and consistent thereby increasing their desirability to customer.

Photoshop ghost mannequin effect, another named of neck joint service means the process that allowing you to hide your mannequin layer and express your clothing product image rightly. It's one of the most in demand image editing tactics, applied to clear or combine the neck to a new image. In this modern internet base era we cannot think about a business without online visibility. The e-shop, professional clothing photography, fashion photography, and readymade business highly needed this service to capture their worldwide target customer. We Clipping Path ghost mannequin editing service provides so many add-on service beside creating invisible mannequin images; like- remove wrinkles from the cloth, change the color of the attire, background removal, 360 degree view. If our customer required, we also can liquefy their cloth image to explore the best look for it. Our exchange price depends on the complexity of the requirement and the amount of work order.
To be exact, Photoshop apparel products without a model is known as ghost mannequin or neck joint in image editing services. All the products are manipulated in online fashion industry, e-commerce and magazine businesses by ghost mannequin service. The online fashion industry is the most substantial to until is ghost mannequins to shape and fit the product perfectly. To the various shape, design and effectively color match in both male and female products are manipulated by this invisible photography service.

Before After
Before After

Who Needs Ghost Mannequin Service

If you are an online garments product seller or fashion dress seller then you must to have neck joint service to make your product photos more attractive and catchy. Nobody likes to show the dress photos with doll or mannequin. That’s why store owners make their dress photos perfect by neck joint service to increase their product sell.
For dress photographer or eCommerce photographer neck joint service or process is very common. Because they need this ghost mannequin service regularly for making their photos perfect to use on the website. For such kind of photographer, we are the perfect solution. Our designers always keep in mind the clients’ demand and requirements. Our all existing clients are very happy with us and in our work.
If you want to judge our super quality work then we are recommending you to use our free trial service first. Then you will decide it why we are different than all other company.

How Ghost Mannequin is Done?

The ghost mannequin effect is created by taking two images, one of the clothing of the mannequin, and another without the mannequin so the inside of the label is visible. then the two image are patched together at the neck through the use of clipping path services thus creating the illusion of the ghost mannequin. Also, the color and brightness of the image is adjusted and creases are digitally to make the product look more appealing to their target customers. Color correction is also used so you don't have to showcase different colors with different images, you can change the color on a single image, which will save you the time and effort.