Hair & Fur Masking

Hair Masking/Background Removal

### Clipping Expert 24 is one of the best E-commerce product photo editing service provider company in Bangladesh. Our price is very competitive which can bit any competitor price and we have many expert graphics designer who belongs the unique attractiveness in their own design. An E-commerce platform is valueless if the image of the site doesn’t look beautiful. Hair Masking/Background Removal Image masking process is used for soft edges of an image. For example, a model with full body might have the fuzzy edge around his/her hair but the other part of his/her body may have the sharp edge . It is used also human hair, woolly clothes, doll etc. For sharp edges, clipping path technique is used, but for objects with soft edge where it is not possible to bring up accurate soft edges by doing clipping path , photo masking method is applied to separate the objects from the background. We have multifarious techniques to do photo masking, as like Alpha Channel Masking, Layer Masking, Quick Selection tool. And combination of different techniques is used. Masking Service/me If you have photos that have object like hair or the edge of the image is fuzzy, not sharp and you have to remove background from those images then masking is essential for removing background. Because pen tool is applicable to sharp edge only. We use the very latest tools and techniques of Photo Masking to acquire the best possible result. There is no matter whether the background is complex like dark or multi-color. You can try two images Free-Trial with us. Please Check our price page for basic ideas. If you have 500/1000+ images monthly, Then check our special price Creating a clipping mask round the object wooly or fuzzy edges can often result are the perfect combination. We ensure that every picture you send to us through the most stringent standards. Our highly trained graphic designers use the latest version of photo masking techniques to remove backgrounds from images such as hair or wool, we can be able to separate from the foreground image while maintaining high quality.

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Layer masking

Clipping Path involves mainly with a graphic designer, drawing around the image to select the needed segment of the image. Image masking service is significantly less destructive. A designer would only have to color over a needed region, to make a selection and then use it as required. This also gives more freedom the designer, to work his/her magic. The main advantage in using Layer Masking, is that if and when required, the changes done, can be undone. With no permanent changes made to the image, an image can be brought back to its initial look, with minimal effort

Alpha Channel Masking

This masking technique is used in photo editing to make masks by the help of colors; various colors. The colors are mostly combined in duos in any photo: Red Green Blue (RGB), Cyan Magenta Yellow Key (CMYK) and Color (black). IN alpha channel masking, the editor/designer is able to choose any given color and make a mask out of it easily. This means that a specific color can be selected, and a mask created out of it. This helpful in cases where the image has several colors or the image is not very clear but the colors are vivid enough.