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Re-Shaping Product

Reshaping means edit the shape of a image object. We mostly make a shape more even and/or symmetrical. Through post-editing, we can create the perfect shape as it was intended in the design of the object. Reshaping a photo digitally, with Photoshop technics such as paths,cloning,warping,liquefying,cloning etc, allows you to photograph an object in a less than accurate shape. During a shoot this is often improbable to model an object exactly, or it takes a heap of time.

Reshaping offers the resolution; it saves time and money, and offers better outcome. next corrections are also normal. This means that incorrectly or ragged photographed objects don’t have to be reshot. Shaping is done for all possible product groups, industries and sectors. Most Simple editing for clothing: evening the length of sleeves and/or pant legs, evening the height of shoulders or hips, the smoothing out of the fit. For packaging (supermarket,food ): placing objects upright, straightening, evening out, etc.


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