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Image Masking


Image Masking or Soft Masking, in a nutshell, is an solution to the impossibility of normal masking or Clipping Pathgtechnique to remove background of a photos/photograph. Image masking is one of the most sophisticated and extraordinary service to make an image anomalous. Photo masking can be done allowing cutting out an image. This is completely a creative, expert and technological tasks. Photo masking is a radiographic image made either before or immediately after contrast material has been injected but before it reaches the anatomical site being examined. Clippingexpert24.com use two kinds image masking. First is layer and another is clipping masks. Image masking is generally applied for translucent or semi-transparent images like fur, hairs, flames,feathers, glasses, muslin and so on.

We usally give different kind of image masking service. Such as: The transparent masking for images with gradient transparency. the layer masking for images having objects with fine edge. diaphanous masking for image having diaphanous objects.Channel masking is mostly applied for translucent or mini-transparent images like hairs, glasses,fur,hairs, fur, feathers, smoke, flames,fireworks,highlights,chiffon ,lighting & muslin, etc. Apart from Adobe Photoshop other software like GIMP,Illustrator, Fireworks,Corel Photo-Paint, CorelDraw etc. can be used. But Adobe Photoshop is the most popular of all.


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